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I am having the same problem. I have tried EVERYTHING. Sounds like it only revs to about 3000 RPM before it starts breaking up in water or on trailer.It starts to sound "choppy" like its trying to fire but isnt. Have you figured your our???? I am at a loss here.

Heres a list of what I tried.

I have clipped plug boots changed plugs cleaned and checked connections in ebox tightened and cleaned any wires that looked crappy. All 3 cylinders at 125 and I took heads off all look perfect. I have replaced the reeds checked the stator wires back for continuity, forced the temp sensor to put ski in limp mode, (totally different sound and runs at like 1000 RPM) Replaced entire electrical box ( Coils, CDI and anything else in there), changed start relay cause i broke the other one while working on it, changed exhaust hose that seemed to collapse on itself under load and quick throttle, STILL no fix. This is unreal. I have cleaned carbs and don’t see issue there. Replaced Reeds/Cages/Gaskets.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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