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Ok first of all thanks for checking out my post

I've got a 99gsx rfi
I've been chasing this weird hesitation problem for two years.

When it does this: only at wide open throttle while going straight. At partial throttle it runs fine and at WOT while turning it also runs fine no hesitation.

What I've tried:

New rectifier , nope
Checked throttle cable nope fine
New tps. Nope
Throughly cleaned raves nope
Performed tps reset with candoopro nope
New plugs nope
Took the air box and spark arrestor off nope
Ran with seat off nope
Cleaned and tested injectors nope

Now I'm thinking maybe it isn't a misfire but maybe intermittent cavitation? Rrrrrrra titaaaaaatitaaaaaaatitaaaatititittitaaaa only at wot while going straight it doesn't misfire or hesitate at all when turning What do you guys think? I'm thinking slight cavitation and it builds back pressure in the pump when turning which negates this?

Meaning a wear ring replacement or prop or both I assume

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Have you checked fuel pressure and the pick up filter ? That sounds like a lean sputter (I call it). If you were having cavitation issues from a worn impeller or wear ring, they would be showing up at a hard hole shot also. I'm assuming that if you even back it off just slightly it clears up, or does it need to be closer to 3/4 for it to clear up ?
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