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99 GTI Dead,,Help!

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I have a 1999 GTI and its our first ski,,its been running great and the last time i ran it, it ran great, the next day my kids went to ride it and came back and told me it wouldnt do anything,,,i assumed it was a battery but all was good. when you attach the lanyard, it doesnt do a thing..i checked all fuses and they were good. i did find a corroded terminal in the front harness where it connects to the mpem and one of the spade terms was burnt off so i ordered a new module..i just replaced it today and still got nothing,,no beeps or anything..i checked the ground from the battery to the motor and its good. where else should i look? Thanks
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how is battery
thaks to all who replied..i found the problem and it something i shoulda checked i mentioned, on first failure, i found a burnt off terminal on the mpem and replaced the mpem..what i didnt do was check the harness on the wire that corresponded to the burnt term..when i started tracing this weekend, i pulled on the wire that went into the harness and i came right out...burnt off at the back side of the crimp in the harness...i dug it all out and replaced the spade and i am now off and running..whew!!!
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