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99' waverunner 1200 has rough idle until about 3,000 rpms and sputters

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hey i just baught a new to me, 1999 yamaha waverunner gp1200. i got it started, and ran it for a abotu 15 minutes on the lake. it seems it idles rough and rides rough until i hit about 3,000 rpms then it smoothes out. and you can hear it sputtering sometimes when going in higher rpms, i dont know if this is bad gas, or plugs, or carb? thsi is my first waverunner so any sugestions i should try? also there was oil in the bottom of the engine compartment after i got it home along with some water. not sure where it came from.
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hey thanks, its not to bad, i took it out again and it seemed to run better. it seems like it only does it after idling fore more than a couple seconds, its hesitant at take off. anyway...i tried starting it tonite out of the water and it only fired one time and now i cant get it to fire at all. pulled the plugs to see if it was flooded, it didnt look like it, but it wont cranks and cranks but no ignition...? i have the tank on reserve because the fuel light came on... but it still wont fire. what is going on?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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