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99' waverunner 1200 has rough idle until about 3,000 rpms and sputters

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hey i just baught a new to me, 1999 yamaha waverunner gp1200. i got it started, and ran it for a abotu 15 minutes on the lake. it seems it idles rough and rides rough until i hit about 3,000 rpms then it smoothes out. and you can hear it sputtering sometimes when going in higher rpms, i dont know if this is bad gas, or plugs, or carb? thsi is my first waverunner so any sugestions i should try? also there was oil in the bottom of the engine compartment after i got it home along with some water. not sure where it came from.
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frist get a fuel sample put some in a jar let it sit and hour or so see if it seperates if so pump out tank and clean also going to have to clean carbs if fuel is good ck plugs and wires and ck spark should be good on all three ck compression while your at it just be safe i no this seems like alot but all these things need to be checked good luck
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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