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Hi guys just need some help on finding out what this problem is. My ski always starts up first go and rah rah rah. After riding for say 1 or 2 hours it wants to bog down for some reason, like it hesitiates but then comes good then bogs again all with in couple seconds. So I turn it off wait couple mins then I start it again. Although asoon as I put half + throttle it bogs again then has a quick burst or power then bogs again and continues to do this for couple minutes then it comes fine for the rest of my journey. But after you give this say couple mins it comes good? I dono what it means it happens nearly everytime I go out but only for couple minutes. Is it the pressure in fuel line? Starvation of fuel? Fuel filter dirty? Carbs need looking at?? Also sometimes does it after it has been used for 2 hours and I let it sit for 1 hour or so I will bog for first 30secs then come good.

Any help.advice would be great guys.
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