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Hello all, I am new to the forum but have learned alot from browsing. I have a extensive background in performance boats but am fairly new to the waverunner world. I picked up a 99 XL 1200 last summer that was running good. The first time out this spring it ran good for about 10 minutes until I stopped on the beach and then wouldnt restart. I had a buddy tow me in, took it home, and it fired right up on the hose. Took it out again next day, did the same thing. Ran great until stopped. Pulled a plug wire and checked for a spark and had nothing. After it sat for about 30 minutes, fired right up, ran great again until I shut it down, then wouldnt restart. Again no spark until it cooled down. It seems like something is getting hot and not allowing it to spark. I talked to a local mechanic and he thought maybe the stator. I was not sure since it runs like a top until shut down. It seems like something in the electronics is getting heat soak and is fine once cool. What should I be looking for first? Does it sound like something caused by the stator or something in the coils or rectifier? Is there a temperature sensor somewhere that could be going bad? Thanks for any help. Look forward to learning many new things with the forum.
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