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Adding a GPS

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I have a Garmin Legend GPS and am exploring the idea of somehow connecting ti to the battery of my SL 900, like a car charger. It goes through AA's quick. The case is waterproof, so that's not a problem, and I can figure out a way to mount it somewhere to the hull. Any electricians out there no if this is possible, or even a good idea?
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What voltage does the GPS run on, ie. how many AA's?? And does it have a charge port?
i'm pretty sure u can buy the 12v cigarette adapter for it, fut cut off the cigarette part and tie it into the battery and your good to go
It requires 2 AA's, and I do have a car charger. My question was more of where to tie into the battery - directly, through the circuit board...?
You could do that, it'd be easier/better to put a fused connection right at the battery terminals.


You absolutely must do that and make sure it's 12volts. If its less, which I suspect, then you would fry the GPS hooking it straight to the battery! If it is less, there will be a step down circuit in the car charger plug which you need to tie into. Simplest way would be to visit a car parts store and buy a cigarette light plug, the female portion. Then wire that to the battery and just plug the GPS car adapter in.
Thanks for the tip. I did plan on double-checking the physics and correcting any voltage drop or the like.

Thanks again for the help.
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