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Hey guys, I hate my very first post on this forum to be a cry for help, but I'm looking for advice.

I havn't been a PWC owner for too long, only since about last July (And it only gets warm in North Dakota from the May to August timeframe!) and ever since its been extremely fun, but also with times of extraordinary frustration, mostly with myself.

I own a 2001 Seadoo GTI LE RFI. And I've had it out plenty of times and consider myself to be a pretty careful person on the water and I've trailered my machine many a times before. However, just this Tuesday I had a complete and utter lack of intelligence at the wrong moment and I trailered at a relatively high speed. Ended up bending the front support (the one with the roller and winch attached) basically vertically. That sucked, but other than that I thought I was in the clear with any type of damage to my Seadoo.

Man oh man, was I wrong. While I didn't see any cracks in the underside of my craft...I seemed to have stripped the black coating off the underside of the hull down to the material beneath. I'm curious to know if this considered major damage or simply an eyesore. I believe I could get some pictures of the potential damage up if my explanation made no sense.

I appreciate any advice or insight you guys have for some young idiot like myself.

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