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This is the other part (air sensor part# 270600000) I was told and sold for my '03 XP DI that was NOT needed, or opened nor ever used/needed. This part is still in the little baggie. The dealer would NOT take it back, nor would Seadoo BRP corporate help me. They told me I needed this air sensor and the 2 throttle sesnor part#'s 270000251 (on my other classified post) Then we got my ski fixed just as I picked up the parts.

I am trying to recoup as much of my cost as possible on these three parts, but will sell reduced to get what I can. I will sell them together or seperate.

Any help appreciated, dealers welcome.

I am highly pissed with seado, seadoo service, corporate and will probably sell my 2 '03 xp di's and NEVER deal seadoo again, just from their poor relationship with dealer, service and corporate. I am still pissed two weeks later over $494.28! And thats even though my two skis now run fine! We have these 2 skis for 3-4 years, one has been great, one has new engine and a few odds and neds, but both are fine. But Seadoo and the entire ordeal just ruined it for me on seadoos.

any help appreciated, Kevin

Ray City, Ga. Near Moody A.F.B.-Valdosta, Ga

E-mail addy [email protected]

cell phone if needed

pics attached


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