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Yesterday I towed my jet ski to Virginia Beach Virginia and Departed Rudee Inlet around 1030hrs. There were some great swells from the storm way offshore but other wise great conditions.
I threw an eel at the first buoy I came up to "buoy A" which is only a couple of miles off of the beach. A nice size cobia popped up and followed my eel and then pounced on it. I had him on for about five minutes when it threw the hook and kept the eel. Bummer. I then ran out to the CB line and checked on those buoys, I was not let down. The third marker I stopped at, No.7, had at least six hungry cobia hanging around it. I was immediately hooked up and just as fast broke off as he made a lap around the chain. I grabbed another rod and eel and saw what looked like a white fish darting around I tossed the eel at it and took with it. This fish stayed on and after about 10 minutes I managed to gaff him. He was almost white/yellow but healthy looking and I can tell you now, tasted good. I was back at the inlet by 1200 hrs and had him iced down.
Part 2, Photo Shoot
I was asked a couple of weeks ago if I would take some picture from the water of a photo shoot that local apparel company Marlin Wear was doing for a calendar. Sounded like fun to me.
They had a real photographer taking pictures on the boat. I was just going get some from a different angle on the water. I followed them out of the inlet and took pictures as they cruised along the beach. It was a bunch of lovely ladies and I am sure the calendar will come out great. Maybe I will get lucky and they will include the one of my jet ski with Lauren on it. Ha. (In case you are wondering, Lauren is Capt. Ben Sheppard's girlfriend).
I got back home and showed my catch to my grandson who said "It's bigger than me" while the cat looked at it trying figure how he is going to get it all down. I also threw in a couple bird pictures I took in my back yard.

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