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Hi, I have a 2007 VX110 that is 2 years old, I am the only owner, but suddenly it has become a nightmare, The battery recently died, and I also had a loose battery terminal because the battery got wet about a year ago and I fasiled to replace the bad terminal at the time. But finally after not using the ski for about 2 weeks, it would not start at all, just a clicking sound, So I charged the battery using a tricle charger and the I tried to crank it, but it wont start. Also I had tried to start it while spraying starter fluid into the intake, but it will not start either

It cranks and cranks but it won't start, so I even purchased a new battery and charged that but it still won't start. I also paid a mechainc to take a look at it and he told me it has no spark and he even tested the computer and said that that part was ok, but that if there is no spark. He told me that it will cost $1000 to fix. Maybe he is trying to rip me off

Could it just be the stop switch wire? Where is that at?, I looked everywhere for it but I am not sure if that can even be the issue.
What else can be wrong, can I buy the parts and fix it myself.

Why so much trouble with such a new ski, that has never even been in salt water, I feel like to just junk it, does anybody want it? LOL
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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