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Is there any consensus as to which brand and model is the best at handling big waves? The only thing I dont like about my little 14 foot speedster is the pounding we take on a typical day here on Eastern Lake Ontario.
I have been focused on the engine power and reliability in my search for a PWC . We live on our boat in the summer and right now I am looking out the cockpit window at 5 foot swells breaking on the seawall here. This is not unusual and perhaps I should be focusing on a ski that stays hooked up and cuts the waves really well. I have absolutely no idea which brand is best in this regard. One thing I noticed with my speedster is that if it is quite choppy then I can actually out accellerate most PWC's beside me since they are constantly loosing water contact and sucking air. Is there a type of grate that is made to help skis that are used in rough water?
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