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My ski is in the shop but I still went fishing.

I made another trip to Hatteras North Carolina yesterday for another offshore trip on my neighbors True World 28. This time it was myself, Barclay and his Dad Dr. Glen Sheppard and Phillip. We departed Hatteras Inlet at 0515 hrs and went South, we fished anywhere from 25 to 120 fathoms. we picked up a couple of Mahi trolling and then got into some great bailing action. Later in the day we stopped by the Rockplie and did some jigging and pulled up some nice Amberjack, that is always a blast and one of my favorite things to do. As we were packing things up to head back, Barclay spotted a nice lone dolpin cruising by, he grab a spinning rod and hooked a live bait and tossed it at the fish. The fish charged it and after spitting it a couple of times, Barclay managed to set the hook. It ended up being our largest Mahi of the day at about 28 lbs. We were back at the dock around 1730 and cleaned the boat and fish for a couple hours and then all headed back to Virginia. Another great day of fishing! Happy Fathers Day to all, I know what I am having for dinner.

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