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Yesterday my brother John and I departed from Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach Virginia around 0650 hrs. We were fishing from my jet ski in the Rockfish Shootout. The weather was great in the morning and we were able to average 35-40 mph on the trip down, which ended up being 57 miles South where we saw a lot of boats fishing. I did not see much there and within thirty minutes almost all of the boats picked up and ran back North. Most of the boats were back off of the Duck Research Pier. I saw some boats catching some decent Striped Bass, it was slow for us we had two knock downs and only managed one 31 inch fish. The return trip was bumpy with head seas of three to four feet so I could only manage 15-20 mph on the way back with two of us on the ski. I still had a good time with my brother out on the water for about 10 hours and over 120 miles. We burned about 37 gallons of gas. Here are some pictures I took;

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