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Anybody have a project they want to share?

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I'm hoping we can start posting projects for each individual manufacturer, anybody have interest in posting up a project??
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This winter I'll be rebuilding a WR500 that I picked up off someone who just could not do the work to fix it up. He did however take the motor all a part to find out why it wouldn't run. One of the rods opened up on the crank. So now I either find a working motor or send the crank away to the shop to have new rods & bearrings installed. I love to have a new project every so offten. This is the frist PWC I've had. Never even sat on one till this little guy came home with me. I always document my projects in "word" with photos and text.. I'll totally share the whole thing with this group..
Looking forward to it and WELCOME to the PWC Forums!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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