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Anyone have a shovel!

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No this is not another SBT thread lol

Take a look...

Gee, wonder why my SLT only runs on two cylinders and has only oil on a brand new plug!
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Have fun with those, clean the crap outta 'em! :thumbsup:
Damn, those are ugly!! What a mess, I hope you can get them cleaned. LOL
Good thing I bought that impact screwdriver.

Well, I'm off to the auto parts to buy some more carb cleaner! On the brighter side of things my reeds look pretty dang good and compression is 120 on all cylinders.

Thanks for helping me with the know how you guys. Following you over here wasn't even a ? in my mind!
That's where the damn beach went! LOL

I'd suggest getting the 1 gallon carb cleaner with the parts basket and letting those puppies soak for at least a month!
I think I'm going to have to give the credit to previous owner/owners on this one! I picked em up in San Diego last Dec. from a guy who only bought them for a Havasu vacation then sold them. He said the SLT was much slower than the SL but DAYAAM! This poor thing never did pass 21-29mph lol so everyone wanted on the SL.

The other two carbs aren't as bad as this one. I'm letting it soak right now cause I cant get the seat out :dunno:

Dang it... I have a shipment of odds and ends coming from Parker already. Now I gotta pay another ten bucks in shipping unless you guys know where I can get a 2.0 seat/needle valve cheaper.

That's where the damn beach went! LOL

you might need 3 needles and seats? wait till you check pop off to order!
Damn! What does the fuel filter look like? Any sand in the tank too? Maybe he flooded the hull with sand? lol
Is that dirt!!!

What did he do, take it apart and let his kids use it in the sand box???
Calcium mine? :dunno:

It cleaned up ok, but I had to drill the seat out. Actually the drill bit locked up inside it and spun it, which is what I was hoping for to break it loose...just couldnt get a grip with the needle nose. Needle is toast too. So I went to the candy store Parker Yamaha SeaDoo Polaris Honda Kawasaki and placed another order. :cool:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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