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Anyone Know?

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1993 Seadoo XP VTS:

When I adjust the trim from the up/down switch, should the motor continue to run when max travel on the trim is reached? or will the motor continue to run until the switch is released?

Thanks in adavance!!
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It should shut off when it reaches it's max up or down. Something is up with the switch that controls it. It's really just a momentary switch so it might be getting stuck. Best bet is to take it apart a little and clean it. Can you hear the switch click when you release it?
It shuts off only when you release the switch. I'm relating this to a car power window. Once the window goes all the way up or down the motor stops even the switch is still depressed.

My VTS motor keeps running till you release the switch. You can hear the relays click on and off when pressing/releasing the switch.

Just don't know if that's the way it works.....
In that case, I'm not too sure. I think you're fine if the motor stops running when you release the switch. I was thinking that your motor kept running after you released the vts switch.
i wasn't sure either, so i figured i'd try and ask. The owners and repair manual don't realy say anything about it. Thanks for the help though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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