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hey guys, new here just bought a 2006 honda aquatrax F-12 non-turbo with 17 hours on it, and was looking for some performance parts

when i bought it i figured at least i could find a EFI programmer, by Dynatek or something but no such luck

i found a i guess you call it a fuel richener on ebay? and a rev limiter along with it? i didnt know anything about the ebay and i know from experience with my TRX that some ebay is just crap and i didnt know about these, and i cant find anything else

anyone know anything like a good EFI programmer, intake setup, exhaust, something to taht affect

would love to find some high comp pistons around 12.5:1 and a bigger set of cams, maybe bore the throttle bodies and if thats not enough get the head ported, but where is the starting point on these?

thanks guys
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