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Legislative Fix In for Federal Boating Permit Debacle.
With six months to go, Congress has finally acted on the issue surrounding “federal boating permits.” Senate Environment and Public Works Chair Barbara Boxer and Senator Bill Nelson have introduced S. 2766, the Clean Boating Act of 2008, which will fully and permanently restore the longstanding regulatory exemption for recreational boats and recreational boats used for charter fishing expeditions from any federal or state permitting under the Clean Water Act.
From previous AWA alerts, you already know environmental extremists convinced a San Francisco judge to eliminate the EPA’s 30 year old common sense exemption for recreational boating.
Without this new protection in place, the EPA will be for! ced to implement a “Federal Boating Permit” system where you will be forced to purchase “permission” to do exactly what you do right now; boating.
This isn’t a “maybe” “might” or a “could.” Instead, this will happen unless congress passes this important pro-people legislation.
Every boater needs to contact their Senator today and strongly urge them to support this common sense measure. For an easy and free way to contact your Senator please click on the following link:

Make the call, and stand with us as we preserve and expand boating access to America’s public waterways.
For more information, contact the AWA at 800-913-AWA1.
Think Free. Live Free. Ride Free

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