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Take the plugs out. Have a freshly charged battery. Crank it and you will see a shitload of water shooting in the air. Keep doing this until all tha water is out. Get new plugs and try to fire it up. You can run these things for 60 secs without hooking water and it won't hurt it. the purpose of the water is to cool the engine. Nothing else. so...if the engine is sitting cool and you start it it will take 60 secs for it to get hot enough to overheat. 60 secs is a long time...start counting and you will see what I mean.

It may not fire first time. you may have to dry the plugs a couple of times. Once it starts rev it a few timmes real good Waaang....waang. then pour oil directly in the spark plug holes. Don't put the plugs back in yet and turn the engin over a few times. then fire it up with the plugs in and go ride the shit out of it to blow any water that's in the case out.

Mildly overoil the machin for the next two tanks..your done.:appl:

This condition is called Hydrolocking.
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