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Battery Issues on Wave runner

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I have a Yamaha 1200 XLT waver runner and the died on me. I replaced it with a new one and was told to charge it about 4 hours to get it fully charged. I have charged it for quite a while over the last few days and it still wont start. I assume its a 12 volt battery (got it from Yamaha dealership) and I have been charging it with one of those 6/12 volt slow chargers. Do I need to just leave it charging till the LED light tells me its fully charged. I have had it charging for a long time and the light has yet to come on........Common sense tells me thats all I need to do but I want to be sure and see if anyone else has had this problem.

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is it a sealed or open battery
if it is opened u need to add distilled water
if it is sealed u need to do nothing
leave it on the charger until light says ok
then u need to load test it


It has a bunch of little "caps" on it that appear to turn to open. The guy at the shop said that he had just added the gel/acid and all I needed to do was charge it and it should be good. I charged it for quite a while and whyen the light said "charged" I took it off the charge. I put it back in the jet ski and still it would not fact all i hear was a little click noise...thats it. I put the old one back in and the ski then made a loud buzzing noise just like it did when I assumed tha battery was bad. So I went from a buzzing noise on original battery to just a click noise on new fully charged battery and then back to the buzzing noise on original battery. I am now charging the original battery to see if I can get it fully charged and then start jet ski. I can tell that the original battery does appear to be low on fluid so I will add some distilled water and charge it to see what happens. Will let you know what I find. Thanks for the help!
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from that it sounds like a bad starter solenoid
do u have a shop manual?
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