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I just bought a new 08 250 ultra x and was told that if you are not going to ride for a few weeks to pull the battery and trickle charge it. I bought a battery tender and am keeping it on charge all the time but I have a question or two. Do these PWC's have charging system like a motorcycle? If so then why does it need to be charged so often? what is draing it while not being used? thanks for any help.

also forgot one more, if I was to ever break down on the lake can I be towed in and if so what needs to be done to the engine so it can be towed?


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Mike, I just start my jet ski's up every few days or at least few weeks to keep the batteries fresh. Unless you have really cold weather that is below freezing, this should keep them just fine.

If you break down in the middle of the water and have to be towed, you don't need to do anything to the motor to tow it. Hook the tow rope up to the loop hole or tie off point on the front of your jet ski and then enjoy the tow ride to shore.
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