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Battery Size?

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Hi.. just bought a 1997 Tigershark MonteCarlo and need to put in a new battery. Although the batter that was in it (dead) seemed small, it did fit perfectly in the squarish little pocket in the bilge. But, when I look it up in the books, it calls for what is a standard YB16C-B that is much too large to fit in the pocket. Do I have the wrong battery? Is the another part I need that fits in the pocket and the battery sits on?

The Artic Cat website calls out a battery pad but I can't tell by the picture if that would do the trick or not.

Can somebody set me straight?

Thanks in advance... Summer is almost here.

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It takes a 14amp battery instead of the normal 16amp battery. Every chart I have seen says ALL Tigersharks take the YB16C-B battery or YB16CL-B battery. This is not correct for the 1997 models. That is why the 16amp is not fitting in the premolded part of the hull.

Ok, I found my old notes. The battery size is YB14L-A2 for the wetcell Yuasa and YTX14AHL-BS for the maint free Yuasa. Tigershark part number is 0775-040 which is a supersession from the original part number of 0645-232.


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Thanks Dave... I spent some time on the Yuasa site and figured it out. It's good to get some independant verification though.

I've got her back together and it will crank. I haven't had it in the water yet....

Have a good summer.... Rob
get a sealed battery
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