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a few days ago i dropped my 06 fx ho in the canal by my house in South Florida. As i pulled up to the ramp i saw that two other RXP's were already in the water. The two were doing donuts and driving irratically so I took off well away from them and went down the canal about 4 miles and turned around and came back. On my way back i saw they they were still doing donuts right in front of the dock, no big deal i was the only one out there, but as i got within about 300 yards i saw what appeared to be one person going straight gaining speed and then popping a 360 out of the blue. The guy behind him (who was new to riding which i later found out) quickly followed. The first guy ended up doing a 360 and the guy following broadsided him about Approximately 25-35 mph. From a distance as i saw this, it looked like a minor collision where both parties decided to bail before any "real damage" was done. Then, immediately, they started waving me down. I pulled up and looked and the first thing i heard was "CALL 911, CALL 911" When i heard that i looked a little closer and i began too really worry. I saw that the missing right side of one of the handle bars was gone as well as the seats, rear handle, and about 25% of the hull, and then i saw the driver. He had a puncture hole where i think the handle bar impaled his thigh from above his knee to below his groin. It was a awful looking injury, and then i saw what i think the hull did. A 4 to 6 inch almost bone deep gash along side the impalement injury. I called 911 imediately, and was put on hold since the accident took place on water that was a city boarder between coral springs and tamarac. As i waited I tried to two the two on my "ladder" slowly back to shore where i could at least get this guy who was in shock out of the water. The other guy helped as much as he could but as soon as we were back to shore he had some shock kick in and started mumbling about his friends keys and dove off the ramp and swam to the waverunner. To make a already long story short, The rescue got there after we tourniqueted the guy with a waverunner strap, and began the trama shock rescue and took him within 15 minutes. Then they started asking about the other guy.I pointed to where i saw him last. He was nowhere to be seen. The tide was coming in and flushing the water towards the everglades. He had drifted about 100 yard past a bridge, where nobody could see him. Rescue asked me to assist in recovering him again and i complied. I went to go get him, he had sucked a a wad of weeds up in the RPx and it was done for, so i towed him slowly back to the ramp where rescue began to aid him. He was Ok but in reality he wasnt OK. Nobody there to help. So i went ahead and retrieved both waverunners, switched the trailer from the owners truck who lost his keys in the canal, to the other guys truck, and then backed it in, and loaded both broke down waverunners using ropes and straps. Got em on, tookem out and the put the trailer back on the owners truck. I only could hope if this happened to me, someone would have done at least something like this. All of this took about a hour. Thats when the police arrived, i gave a statement and left. I just wanted to share this story to keep anyone who is out on the water and decides to cut loose when your close to other waverunners. Sometimes i can see its easy to get caught up in the moment but you got to keep a very safe distance. Had they agreeded to never be within 100 feet or so, this could have been a near miss or even a bump. I dont wish the injury i witnessed on anybody, so I have to tell you all what happened. I hope everyone who reads this story, pro or not, to just be a little more careful on their next outing. Take care all.

2006 FX-HO Cruiser
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