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Anybody have advice on what to look for in a trailer when I get my first Waverunner? Even tho I'm getting 1 waverunner I think I'll be looking for a 2-ski trailer in case I eventually get a second one. Thanks ---
If you will be putting the ski(s) in salt water, definitely go with an aluminum trailer (like Triton). The extra cost will pay for itself over time. Even the best steel trailers will begin to rust. If you will be in fresh water then a steel or galvanized trailer will work fine............Yacht Club and Shorelandr are popular brands and both make very nice trailers.

For best towing if you have to pull the skis a distance look for a trailer with torsion bar suspension versus leaf springs. The torsion bars will provide a much nicer ride, and are smoother to tow.

IMO the best 2 place pwc trailer on the market right now is the Triton Elite series with the torsion bar suspension.
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