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Best reeds?

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I'm running carbon tech Lt's in stock cages! on a 650 triple Fuji !seems OK? but when it's time to change should I go with the whole assemblies? any good brands? thanks Z
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Yeah I'd like to know the same thing, except for a '95 SLX.
Well, in my short time riding and wrenching I have run stock (in my SLT750, Boyesen RAD dual stage w/spacers and the V-Force series 1 which was in my SL750 when I bought it. The SL was fast with the V-Force but I noticed right away the difference of the RAD. When you peg it...its just up and gone.
dual stage

Cool! I'll look into those! tks Z
Z, I asked the guys at Sharps Marine in Oswego, NY, some really knowledgeable people with the older Polaris skis, about reeds, and they told me "save your money" and buy stock Polaris reeds. Although they ain't cheap, at $15 each... Ronnie and Ritchie think they're the best all-around reed for the older 650's.

Sharp's Marine were the people who finally figured out what was wrong with my triple that wanted to be a twin!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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