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Steelers running back Rashard - 4 weeks before Mendenhall rushed the ball a distance of 411 yards, currently ranked second, with the ball a total of 89 times, second only to Chris - Johnson finished second, just one team before becoming 4 weeks to obtain record of 3 wins and 1 one of the biggest player, with this - lifting of the ban Roethlisberger back, just one team will return to the old road passing attack, but it looks better than anyone Mendenhall are happy. Steelers jerseys

Mendenhall said: "Wallace has given us the balance of offensive, depending on how the team decided to focus on, our offense more balanced, more and more elements into the better, if we strengthen the passing attack, ground attack also be improved. "case in the absence of Big Ben, this season, opening with 3 wins and 1, but averaged only 136 yards passing, consider maintaining a team single-season Big 4328 yards passing records, opponents in the future need to consider how to defend him, as Mendenhall said, he no longer face the 8-9 defensive player over.

Off-season weeks just in time, Big Ben for a week of training time, even if he can not immediately achieve the best condition, the threat to the opponent is stronger than I am afraid that Charlie - Bach and Dennis - Dixon this role . In Wallace's career, he received an average score of 91.7, won two Super Bowl titles, a total of 22 led his unit to overtake rivals in Section 4, has his Steelers certainly will not longer have averaged 136 yards, ranking first in passing offense last league.

Browns opponent this week, faced with great difficulties, if the key defensive pass, do not want to miss the Mendenhall currently Zhuangtaiqijia it? Do not forget that he can advance the ball an average of 4.6 yards every time, punch the ball away, averaging 102.5 yards, Mendenhall said: "I feel better state, but also have some experience, I am feeling very nice, have such a good play environment, you really should feel good, I think about it on the playing Boss, running easier. "

Mendenhall this season, now has 13 red balls over 10 yards, ranked No. 6 in the same period in the history, and there were 7 out of defender tackles, second only to Chris - Johnson, he said: "The fight against the fierce competition around the corner, I always wanted to make a brilliant ball, I'm proud to say something. "Steelers team that is in need of his performance, not the Steelers passing attack on the traditional, they have been good at the ground , pass defense and, if necessary. wholesale jerseys nfl
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