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I recently bought a 2010 Yamaha FZS from the dealership and after only 5 hours of using it, it already has a charging problem!

After 4 hours of usage, the alarm and check engine warning light started showing up. I found out that my voltage reading was 11.6V while running which was very low I guess. I took out the battery and placed it in my other ski and there was no problem with the battery.

So I figured it was the rectifier. I got the rectifier of my 2010 FZR and placed it in the FZS and still it wasn't charging. So I called the mechanic to check on all the wiring and contact points and he found no problem. Is it possible that the stator or alternator which is inside the engine that could be causing the problem? I can't believe a BRAND NEW Yamaha with only 5 hours of usage can have a problem like this.

Hope anyone here can help me because I don't want to open up the engine just yet.


Gino Lao
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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