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I have a 2004 1200 Turbocharged and I'm having some problems with it. Can anybody help?

I bought this from my friend so i'm not sure exactly what the top speed should be. But it only goes about 45mph with me on it. I'm about 205lbs. Does that sound about right?

Also, if you're going full throttle, sometimes it will bog down and lose about 6-7mph. If it's sitting on the boat lift it smokes a lot (white smoke) I don't let it run like that normally, but i was just trying it for a few seconds. I lifted the seat off and it sounds like it's making somekind of knocking sound, idling kind of rough.

Then I put new plugs in it and sounded normal, sounded great actually, like its supposed to sound. Then it went back to doing it again, running rough and making a wierd knocking sound. I pulled one of the new plugs and it looks a little fouled, like the old ones. I'm not too familiar with these getting fouled like that, is that familiar to anyone else.

What else could be the problem? Anyone help.
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