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Bombardier will not start.

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My sons 2003 Bombardier RXDI has only 5 hrs. We had it stored in my basement after riding it for about 2.5 hrs. I cranked it over every month during the winter. Come spring it would't turn over. When you plug key in it signals the battery is dead. I have charged and replaced batteries still same problem. Also when I try to start all i get is a buzzing sound from the starter relay. Took to shop they said it was froze-up. brought home and took out spark plugs and turned shaft, motor turned over. Not seized -up!! could anyone help with problem? Maybe a starter problem? mattsdad
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Sounds like the same problem I am having with my 99 Sea Doo GSX. I believe my starter is the problem. I ordered a new one and it should be in next week sometime.
no crank

when you cranked it over without plug did any water shoot out of th plug holes. If yes look for sourse of hydrolock. Crack block, head gasket, water turned on before starting for just a few possibilities
Check your battery cables and all other connections.. It's common for them to become loose or corroded which results in insufficient power being transferred. The computer will think the battery's dead and it will result in a buzzing at the starter solenoid. If all you cables look good and correct, try jumping the two terminals of the solenoid to apply direct battery power to the starter. If the engine turns over it would seem you have a bad solenoid.
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