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2008 Yamaha Waverunner deluxe. Here’s what I’ve done to it:
New Yamaha wear ring
New solas 14/20 dynafly (it is TIGHT; within spec for clearance on wear ring)
New solas intake grate
Filled the pump shoe with flex seal
Resealed ride plate, intake, etc

now the issue. When I pin this thing, it will almost immediately hit the rev limiter. From stop it will go for 1 second without it , but if I go WOT it will hit that rev limiter pretty much no matter how fast I’m going. Trim makes little difference. It seems like anything above 75 throttle it hits that limiter. I can do 45mph on it, and with the 75 throttle it gets good traction from what I can tell. I’m at a loss here! Where else can there be cavitation? Is this an engine issue?
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