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When I bought my 2005 Seadoo GTX Limited from Hahm Motorsports in Anaheim, California they clinched the deal when they offered me a 60 month extended warranty thru BRP. But when I took it down to my local dealer in San Diego for some service at the beginning of November, I was advised my extended warranty was never activated. I have my copy of the 5 year extended service policy contract in my possession and it very clearly states 60 months of extended service thru BRP.
I've called Hahm Motorsports over a dozen times during the last 3 weeks but only managed to have a conversation with associates on 2 occasions, both times they said they'll get right back to me but never did and the other 15 messages I left never got any response. They have never once called me.
I contacted BRP about the situation and they said it is between the Hahm dealership and myself. I've already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and am awaiting some assistance from them in the matter. Meanwhile I'm making flyers to pass out in front of their store warning potential customers and I'm also preparing to take them to court.

If anybody has any other suggestions they are all appreciated.

So in the meantime my Seadoo sits....

Hahm SUX - Unscrupulous dealers like them should go out of business. I hope I can help them find their way...
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