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Buying a 04 honda f12 advice please!!!

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Tomorrow im purchasing a 2004 honda f12 from a co-worker with 285 hrs. It comes with Trailer, Rear boarding step installed by Honda, 3 matching Honda life vest, a one person riding tube, flush kit, jet ski matching Honda cover, and the anchor all for $3,800.00. he wanted 4,000.00 but i was able to talk him down to 3,800.00. I need advice weather i should buy it or not? Im worried that the jet ski has too many hours, always used in salt water, the trailer has a lot of rust in the inside of the wheels and the springs. The trailer jet ski pads need to be replaced along with the mounting brackets but they are still functional. the jet ski itself has a couple os scratches on the top left side from the dock loading and unloading. There are also two 2 inch not too deep scrapes underneath the left side from where he parked it low tide came and it scraped along some rocks on the dock. Took the jet ski out for a ride and it rode great though great power great handling. He has all the records where Honda did the tune up on the jet ski every November. Is this a great deal or should i pass it up? Any advice would be appreciated. thank you.
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He wants waaaay to much for that thing. There is no way I would pay that much. Maybe 1/2 that because I can go out and get many other ski's that are just as good if not faster for the same amount of money but way more less hours and used in fresh water only.
The only 2 brands I will ever buy are Kawasaki and Yamaha. They have both been around the longest and have the best technology. I know Sea Doo is the or at least at one time was the #1 seller of brands but they have the worst reliability whereas Kawasaki and then Yamaha have the best. Honda has not been making jet ski's long enough in my opinion to even look at them and the same goes with the other brands like Tiger Shark or whatever the rest are called.

If you want fast, look for a good used Kawasaki Ultra 150, Yamaha 1200 or some of their used models that are newer around that range. I know Kawasaki now has the Ultra 250 and 260's and Yamaha has an 1800 cc beast but those are kind of pricey new. My 99' Ultra 150 has 41 hours on it and is in excellent condition and I would be lucky to get out of it what your friend is selling his for. For $3,500.00-$4,000.00 you can get a very good used jet ski with low hours on it and probably even with a trailer if you look hard enough.
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