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I'm talking to a dealer about buying an '07 VX Deluxe. I've called several dealers and I'm getting outrageous quotes. Wonder if anyone has recently bought one and about how much the OTD price was. I'm not getting a trailer with it since I'm using the trailer that my '92 LX650 is currently sitting on. The only thing I'll need is a cover for it. One place quoted me $9800... MSRP plus $1800 in fluff fees! I told them to forget it and I'm now going down the street to the other place. We're also buying an R6 sport bike along with it and the place wouldn't cut the fees for the double purchase. Rediculous! Another place quoted me $10,200 OTD... I'm assuming that included the trailer that I DO NOT NEED. I hung up when I heard the price and didn't ask anymore details. Just wondering what kind of prices others are getting on these before I make a definate decision on dealers and try to play the price war game with them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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