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I am new to boating/sea doo's so I am just asking you guys what advice you can offer before purchasing this waverunner????

Its a 2000 xl 1200 limited waverunner(yamaha).
The owner claims he has never serviced it just simply changed the spark plugs every season and properly winterize it. He SAYS it runs really good but people talk. I looked at the insided and it is what I would say is Immaculate(really clean, no rust, no water, looked mint.)
Also he says he doesnt know how many hours are on it???? He did claim he put 50-70hrs himself but he is the second owner????should he not know how many hrs are on it???? He is going to give me a water test before I buy it . What can and should I look for when I do this???If someone could post back with some advice I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in Advance for any help you can provide me>?!!

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