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In my area the Surf Lifesavers used the Yamahas and that was why I bought a Yamaha as my dealer told me Yamaha will guarantee the engine for 4000 hours if Yamaha lubes are used every service.
I have a 2008 FX-SHO and I get it serviced once or twice a year every 50 hours, it costs me $300 for the Dealer to do it as then I have someone to come back on if something goes wrong, plus after the cost of an oil filter and the oil as well as the time to do it I am quite happy at the cost.
Some people do the servicing themselves but then you need an oil remover as there is no sump plug on a Ski so needs to be vacuumed out, this means some always stays in the engine, you also then can't use an engine flush as it can't all be removed.
If you get an SC Ski then after 800 hours the SC will need to be serviced, the kit costs about $145.
If you have an SC version they don't like to be reved out of the water and can from what I hear damage the SC clutch if you do rev them like some morons like to do with their car engines at the lights ;).
A non supercharged version should last you quite a while and depending how much you rent them out for should easily cover the cost of maintenance as well as over 4000 hours maybe even recover the cost of the Ski ;).
They rent out in my area for around $145 for 30 minutes and cheaper as you hire for longer as some hire them to go out fishing and then they can go as low as $399 for Five hours.
Just make sure you have a good insurance as people for the most part are pretty stupid when they hire things, just watch some YouTubes of people on holidays.
They will come full pelt onto the beach sucking up dirt and sea shells into your engine as well as scraping the bottom of the Ski on rocks and reefs.
Skis are pretty tough and the insurance is just in case people suck up rubbish and seize your engine :) or crash into something, also make sure they have a license to ride a Ski ;)
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