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Hey guys so I plan on buying 2 new Yamaha jet skis for personal and business use. My plan is to rent them out while also enjoying them myself, I live right in Miami which is a great location for both.
So here are a few questions related to my plan.
What’s the maintenance on these jet skis like? Like I said I will be renting them and using it so I imagine it will be a lot of hour being used.
Any advice with which one to buy? I used a VXR and fell in love so that’s the one I was looking at to buy.
Anyone have experience renting them out?
I am new to this entire jet ski life but after riding them a few times I know this is something I will enjoy and hope could make me some money paragon business also.
I am pretty loyal to BRB (seadoo, can am, ski do) products. I have a seadoo rxp215 that I love. It’s a 2006 model and is still super reliable and runs like a champ. I would tell you to buy a 4 stroke if you’re going with a sit down ski, due to the efficiency, quietness, and power. I don’t have much experience on stand up’s though.
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