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???Can I plug a hole in tuned pipe assembly????

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I have a 2003 SeaDoo GTI, sprung a leak in the tuned pipe assembly, that's the main pipe coming off of the engine topside. I was wondering if anyone ever had a similar problem and resolved it without totally replacing the part. It looks like a new one costs near $500 just for the part. A friend of mine suggested I try to tap in machine grooves that would allow me to put in a stainless steel bolt, seal it up with liquid weld...
Any help/suggestions on this would be appreciated!
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If it's leaking from one of the metal "plugs" on the top of the pipe then it's a pretty common problem. They rust from the inside out. I have heard of repairs from welding it up to using JB Weld.
Never have heard any down side to the JB Weld but if you go that route I'd keep an eye on it.
JB Weld

Thanks for your reply DrewNJ, I did just that (JB Weld), it seems to be holding fine for now!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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