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I have a 1990 400SX..not sure if it's the original hull, but it the old looking hull that's somewhat ungly in my opinion.

I have a 1991 300SX that has a real nice more modern looking hull. I'd like to take the 440 engine and put in in the 300 hull.

I'd appreciate any comments considerations & advise that anyone might have.

A couple that I see right off the bat are:

1. I can see the motor mounts are a bit different, but will the engine from one bolt up to motor mount plate of the other?
2. Will the coupling to the pump be the same?
3. Would I need to bring the 440 pump and impeller with the engine as they may be specific to the 300 (less HP motor) ?

The rest...fuel delivery & cables...look like you could pretty easily adapt. The 440sx you have to mix fuel...the 300sx has auto mix, so I think I'll switch the 300 hull with 440sx motor and get rid of the auto mix as I've heard that tends to fail.

Thanks for any input or advise!
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