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I have some questions about some performance problems with a recently aquired 99 xl760x Waverunner. A little history on it first... I got this one free as it hadn't run for 5 years and the owners wanted it gone. It had been swamped in saltwater and never properly cleaned. They had it working some after that, but it would cut out when the engine warmed up. This thing went through 3 or 4 shops before it was parked. I have no idea what each shop did when they monkeyed with it. All I know is that nothing looks like it was replaced. I bypassed some rotted electrical wires, cleaned the plugs and fuel system and got it to run. I removed the carbs and cleaned them out some, and there is a good bit of oxidation in the diaphram assemblies from the contaminated fuel that sat in it for so long. I only removed the worst of the white gunk by hand as I didn't have a rebuild kit on hand if I tore any O-rings or gaskets. I ran one whole can of Seafoam through the gas tank to remove any varnish from the fuel passages.

As for my questions...
I set the idle to the factory recomended RPM around 1200. It is hard to start and will not stay running at this low idle. Idle is very rich. I have to pulse then hold the throttle to 1700- 2000 RPM to keep it running. How do I tune the low speed needles for each cylider indepently and measure the adjustment when I can only do one at a time?

High RPM operation is pretty good. It will run all day at W.O.T. It's getting there that is a problem. When I snap the throttle open it will die. I have to very slowly open it up to about 4500 RPM before I can open it up quickly. Is this likely linked to the low speed problems, or is there something else I'm missing?

Assuming I can get the carbs to tune o.k. I will give them a full teardown and rebuild this winter. I have some sticky cables to replace for the choke and reverse. Other than that I need some advice on any upgrades that will give me neck snapping luanches out of the hole and great turning/ handling. I'm not too concerned with boosting overall speed. What are the best bang for the buck options for these characteristics?

Thanks in advance
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