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I have tried and tried but I absolutely cannot figure out how to get the carb out of my recently acquired 89 sea doo SP. Mainly because its not the factory 38 round body carb someone has swapped it for what appears to be an SBN 44 square body. Therefore the service manual is zero help in this aspect.

Whoever designed this ski did not have ease of maintenance in mind... I tried to remove the yellow intake manifold but when I got to the last screw on the bottom I am pretty sure it is unreachable by any tool I own. So I decided just to try and take the two nuts off that hold the carb to the manifold and I got one off no problem but I can't even seem to get the wrench onto the other nut.

Am I very much overcomplicating this process? Was MUCH simpler on my waverunner!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (A second thanks from my last shred of sanity)
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