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O.K. let say I'm having cavitation problems ( only when my wife rides with me 186lbs + 110lbs ) on my 1998 Yamaha GP800. Wich aftermarket impeller you will recommend? Are the Solas good? I have been checking their web site and they have 3 differrent models that will fit the GP800 stock engine but I'm not sure wich one will fix my cavitation problem, may you can hel me out with your opinions.

1.- CONCORD part # YB-CD-14/18
2.- X PROP part # YB-SC-XO (15.5-18.5)
3.- IJK SERIES part # YB-SC-J (14.7-18.5)

I hoe you can help me and thank you in advance for your imputs.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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