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I know you guys (and girls) get asked this alot but, can you put a radio on a jetski? I'm looking to get a 2007 Yamaha Fx Cruiser SHO. If you can where would you put the radio? Or hide the speakers so that you could hear the music but they wouldnt be sticking out and ruining the sexy look of the SHO? And where would I get the radio? Do I need to take it to car audio shop or let the dealership do it? Thanks in advance for all your input.

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yes you can put in on
i would ask your local car stereo shop

So, it is possible. So where would I hide the speakers so that I could hear clearly but they wouldnt be that visible?
they do make marine radios and speakers. as far as where to put it in you would have to take it to a shop and tell them what you want and i am sure they will be the best people to help you with this.
Yeh i interested in this subject -allen let us know how u go !!! Show us some piks !!!
Stereo Install

I have just installed a stereo in my 08 RXP 215 3 speakers, and a USB,IPOD,SIRIUS,TUNER .. The head unit is a CLARION CMS1 and the speakers, well i had to get creative, I installed one 7inch in the upper glove box on the hood, and I installer 3.5inch tweeter combos in the mirrors and covered them with grill cloth . I will post pics . Nothing is visible from looking at the seadoo
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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