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what did you test and what where the numbers
I tested the pulser coil:14.9 ohms
ignition coill:.1 ohm
plug wires:.093 ohms
cdi red/white to black:19.3 ohs
Pulser coil output: 3.17 volts
cdi red/white output: 12.32 volts
I was using an ohm/volt/amp meter that had auto ohms, so I am not real sure if Iwas understanding the readings correctly.
Kill switch is clean and bright and seems to be working properly. Starter spins fine but no fire to plug. New plugs. All connections clean and tight.
I was riding at near full speed and I hit the kill switch and then the ski would not restart. That was two seasons ago and it has not fired since.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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