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charging system

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Brand New here so HI to start. Just got a 1990 550sx Kawasaki. Nice rig at a good price. Seller claims to have just installed new battery prior to my purchase. It dies after 4-5 of sitting. I trickle charge for 2-3 days and it holds for about same. Ordered a new Odyseey pc625, as I had good luck with those before. Just wondering if there is a quick way to check the charging system on my new ski though? I know those lil' batteries like the seller installed aren't very reliable, but just want to make sure that the ski is functioning properly. Will a volt meter show difference between running and not? I am guessing it should show more volts once the motor starts, correct? Thanks in advance, and I look forward to these forums!!:)
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yes do you have a meter?
Yep. I tried putting the meter on the battery posts. Didn't seem to change much if at all when I started the motor. Sound bad? Stator?
now you will need to test in a/c volts on the battery
at idle if u get more than .8 a/c volts bad regulator/rectifier

AC volts, really? I would have never thought that anything would be ac on a ski...? Seems to drain the battery just sitting there...? I can only think that there is some sort of short in it somewhere that would do that. Anyone had similar? Thanks, I will try the AC test this weekend. If bad where's the best source for the regulator/rectifier? That would probably cause an overcharging correct? THANKS AGAIN!!
a/c volts come out of the stator and then get rectified into d/c volts
It seems to be charging OK. Just has draw when it sits. If it sits for a week or a bit more, dead batery. Can't think of what might be creating a draw while just sitting there. I know I should just ride it more often and wouldn't have to worry about it..Anyone ever had a short or something similar?
Anyone ever had a draw on their battery while it sat? THANKS
you could have that
need to start checking wiring
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