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Last post was detailed and I have a 2000 Genesis. I lost the post so will abbreviate the post earlier sent.

First, I got seaweed stuff up in the intake and pulled it out...eventually the rest blew out...the speedometer doesn't work now so I assume the part that read your speed is blocked do I get everything out?

Second, after I parked it on almost no fuel it was very difficult to get it to return to full throttle, kept bogging down when i gave it gas...assume the fuel line is getting flooded or the gas at the bottom is bad...poured some alchohol in the tank to hopefully statbilize and will fill up and run again this weekend to make sure it's all working. Any suggestions for troubleshooting that?

Also, tonight I went by to add the alcohol and noticed what I would consider more oil than should be in both skis floating around the bottom....should I be concerned? I think I should, but hwat is the most common reason for having that much oil down in the hull?

I have been reading a lot of good info here, don;t mean to ask questions that have already been answered, but input would be appreciated and helpful.
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