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I have two older Yahamas which were both running find. Apparently when last used last season, the persons borrowing them must have run aground. The discharge hose for the cooling water pilot outlet keeps clogging up with sand and possibly sea grass. I clean them out, then the lines will discharge water with adequate pressure for a short time but then that hose clogs again. I see no sign of sand or other debris at the intake. Otherwise both PWCs had been running well. As all appeared ok, I got underway once this season but the lines clogged again, the units overheated after a very short time even splitting the exhaust hose on one.

As you could probably tell, I have limited mechanical skills & have been unable to find a mechanic or service facility readily available. Am I correct in assuming the cooling water line and jacket are some how clogged? What is the prognosis for 1996 units? Thanks
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