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Hello all,

New to the forum and new to Jet ski's in general. Lived on the water in Washington for 20 years and its time to loose the Ski virginity :appl:

So as I'm rebuilding my first js550 I did a compression test,
(throttle wide open, cranking over via %70 charged battery)

Both cylinders came out the same @ 126psi

Question is: Is this within a workable range,(can I tune the carb to work with this and be stable) :juggle2:

Please remember This is my first ski to myself (I have ridden a highly modded js550 years ago for day at friends lake house, LOVED IT!)

So all in all it does not need to be a rocket on the water, just looking for a good time and a fun project being as I'm the handy man in the house.

also it came with a mariner pipe, thought i'd throw that in lol

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Not true at all. Does anyone actually look this stuff up?

126 is actually quite good for a 550.

From the service manual:

300cc 119-185psi

1977-1983 119psi
1984+ 84-134psi

1982-1983 119psi
1984 128psi
1985+ 78-112psi

650cc 125-192psi
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