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I just checked out a 1998 Kawasaki ZXI 1100. Compression was 100, 110, 110, respectively. Did each cylinder 3 times as well and was the exact same reading each time. Is this ok? I know it should be within 10% of each other (which it is) but seems just a tad bit low, was hoping for around 120?

The ski itself is in good shape, no rips or tears, KATS works fine, all new hoses, all electrical connectors either look new or not corroded at all - for this I was suprised. Starts right up too. It is some guy's son's ski so he just wants to unload it right now willing to take $1300 with the trailer too.

So I'm thinking maybe I'll need a new top end eventually but if it'll run for a season or two I'd be ahead of the game...any opinions?
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